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Where Imagination Meets the Sea
Masterminds of Modern Luxury
Gladius stands as a beacon of what is possible when relentless innovation meets a ceaseless pursuit of aesthetic beauty. While Sturge & Toth have garnered worldwide acclaim for their distinctive designs in the past, the creation of Gladius pushed even their own boundaries. The project became an odyssey of inspiration, challenges, and breakthroughs, challenging conventional norms and setting new standards in nautical luxury.
Most creations are evolutions of previous ideas; Gladius, however, is a revolution. Sturge & Toth's commitment to sustainable luxury and cutting-edge technology is manifest in every aspect of the tender boat's design. Whether it's the aerodynamic Gullwing doors that allow for easy entry and exit, or the custom-designed lounging area that converts into a functional space, the spirit of innovation is palpable.
The Master-Builders of a Sea Travel
Falcon Tenders stands as the epitome of craftsmanship and performance in the superyacht tender market. Falcon Tenders is headed up by Mark Pascoe and Dean Stoneman, both legacy names in boatbuilding and powerboat racing. They specialize in creating custom limousines and open crewed launches that seamlessly merge form with function. Crafted with an unparalleled level of passion, their tenders are more than mere vessels—they are finely tuned instruments of maritime artistry designed to inspire and captivate.
With a heritage deeply rooted in boatbuilding, Falcon Tenders brings a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation to each project. The result is a portfolio of tenders that not only cater to the tastes and needs of discerning yacht owners but also redefine the very concept of maritime luxury, setting new benchmarks for excellence at sea.
Sturge & Toth are the vanguard of modern luxury design, specializing in crafting exclusive exteriors and bespoke interiors for Sea, Land & Air. With an eye for innovation and a commitment to excellence, they bring an unparalleled blend of artistry and engineering to every endeavor. Their designs transcend mere function and beauty to become transformative experiences that redefine the very paradigms of luxury and elegance.

In a landmark collaboration, Sturge & Toth have joined forces with Falcon Tenders, the apex builder of high-performance superyacht tenders. Falcon Tenders brings its own unparalleled craftsmanship and heritage boatbuilding expertise to the bespoke yacht tender market. Renowned for producing custom limousines and open crewed launches crafted with passion and designed to inspire, Falcon Tenders enhances Sturge & Toth's vision by adding an additional layer of performance and craftsmanship that caters to the discerning yacht owner. Together, they elevate the concept of maritime luxury, blending heritage, innovation, and artistic design into a singular, awe-inspiring experience.

The Creators
Toby Sturge and Ben Julian Toth are the visionary co-founders of Sturge & Toth, an international design studio specializing in redefining luxury through groundbreaking maritime and industrial designs.
  • Toby Sturge
    Yacht Designer, Founder
    The industrial designer and guiding force behind Sturge & Toth. A luminary in the field, Toby's journey began at the prestigious University of the Arts London, where he honed his skills in design theory and practice. Fueled by an insatiable curiosity and a natural talent for fusing form and function, Toby graduated with a clear vision: to reshape the boundaries of industrial design. Prior to launching Sturge & Toth, Toby lent his expertise to H2 Yacht Design, where he gained invaluable experience in luxury yacht creation.
  • Ben Julian Toth
    Industrial Designer, Founder
    Ben Julian Toth, co-founder of Sturge & Toth, is a trailblazing industrial designer with an international flair. Hailing from Vienna, Ben brings a cosmopolitan outlook to the design world, influenced by a diverse range of experience spanning from the United States to Europe. After earning his stripes at distinguished institutions such as teams design in Chicago, Porsche Design Studio, and BMW's design department, he embarked on a journey to put his own stamp on the industry. One of his early career highlights was the 'Ultimate pd Jet-Ski,' a groundbreaking project done in collaboration with Porsche AG and Porsche Design Studio in 2010. This maritime project paved the way for future nautical endeavors, including multiple Motoryacht Exteriors and a prestigious accolade at the BI-Show Boat Design Awards in Monaco 2012.